The David Geffen School of Medicine's Women in Surgery Interest Group (WISIG) is a student-run organization with a commitment to support the professional and personal needs of aspiring female surgeons. WISIG was created to address the increasing interest in surgical careers by female medical students and to enhance the exposure of UCLA's medical students with active female surgeons within the UCLA community.

WISIG's primary focus is to increase the pipeline for female medical students considering careers in general surgery and the surgical subspecialties. WISIG is proud to (1) highlight female surgeons from the university and local community to serve as role models for female medical students, (2) to provide direct mentoring and advising with respect to careers in academic and community practices, (3) to allow for open and guided discussions about specific challenges and tribulations that especially pertain to the woman surgeon and (4) to introduce unique opportunities for research, networking, volunteer work and education within the various surgical fields.

The primary focus of the organization lies within the mentorship of female medical students and the educational dialogue regarding topics readily pertinent to women in surgery. That being said, many issues that are considered "women's issues" are truly issues for the "modern day surgeon." As such WISIG is open to all members of the medical school community regardless of sex, race, sexual-orientation or socioeconomic background, considering therein lies an investment to the advancement of the WISIG mission.

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