Medical Students, Instructor, and Computerized Patient Simulator

Medical Student Simulation Training

The UCLA Simulation Center is a core educational unit within the Dean's Office at the UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine (DGSOM). Simulation is a key resource that bridges the gap between theory and clinical practice, allowing students to apply their knowledge to a hands-on experience and gain essential skills that will prepare them for their future careers as physician leaders. Simulation training is integrated within all four years of DGSOM's HEALS curriculum, offering a safe way for medical students to practice and hone key clinical skills early in their education. Simulation scenarios with facilitated debriefing provide training and coaching for effective patient care, interpersonal skills and team management.

Courses for Medical Students

Medical students train and practice at the UCLA Simulation Center on a variety of skills including:

  • History-taking and empathetic communication training with Standardized Patients (SPs)
  • Physical examination techniques with SPs
  • Objective structured clinical examinations (OSCEs) with SPs
  • Basic Life Support certification using CPR manikins
  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support certification
  • Ultrasound training using real-world ultrasound equipment, virtual simulators, and SPs
  • Procedural skills training (airway, intubation, IV, suturing, etc.)
  • Common and acute care simulation scenarios using high fidelity simulators and SPs

Resources for Medical Students

If you are a UCLA medical student interested in exploring simulation, reserving space in Rosenfeld Hall, or conducting research that involves simulation, please contact us by email at

We allow limited equipment rentals to students for self-guided or peer learning using our task trainers, virtual simulators, and clinical equipment. See our Resources page for more details.