We are not currently seeking/accepting applicants for the Standardized Patient program.
Feel free to bookmark this page and return every few weeks to learn if new audition dates have been set.

Auditioning to Become a Standardized Patient (SP)

Standardized Patients (SPs) are Limited Appointment Employees of UCLA. As such, all who wish to become an SP with us must complete an online application and then, if invited, audition for the position. We typically hold auditions only once each year and the job application is only available when those auditions are near. The time of year auditions are held varies greatly depending upon our then-current needs.

When we are accepting applications, individuals from all walks of life are encouraged to join our diverse team. We welcome participants of any race, ethnicity, religion, physical type, gender identity, sexual orientation, and age (18+). While previous acting experience is valued, it is not a prerequisite. We extend an open invitation to community members interested in contributing to our learners' development as medical practitioners.

At UCLA, SPs play a vital role in cultivating a secure, nurturing environment for learners to hone their clinical and communication skills, without the concern of jeopardizing the well-being of real patients. Our SPs receive expert coaching from our team of SP Educators to authentically portray the symptoms, personality traits, and other characteristics of real patients, but in a way that is consistent with all other SPs portraying the same patient. We also teach our SPs how to engage in constructive debriefs with learners which take place following many of the sessions. This valuable exchange allows for reflection on history-taking, physical exam and communication skills, further enriching the learners’ experience.

As Limited Appointment Employees, our SPs are not guaranteed a certain number of hours over the course of a month or year. Jobs are usually offered a few weeks in advance and SPs are free to accept or decline any offers. This is NOT a full-time position even for our busiest SPs. All members of our SP pool use this position as a way to supplement other sources of income.