Medical Students with a Low Fidelity Simulator Mannequin

Low Fidelity: Not needing to be controlled or programmed externally for the learner to participate. Healthcare Simulation Dictionary Second Edition, 2020

Low Fidelity Simulator Overview

Low fidelity simulators can be considered a half-step between a full-body manakin simulator and a task trainer. They serve as cost-effective and easily accessible tools for learners to practice fundamental medical skills. These simulators are particularly useful for introductory training, allowing students to familiarize themselves with procedures, equipment, and basic techniques before moving on to more complex simulations.

Requesting a Low Fidelity Simulator

Low fidelity simulators are available to use at our facility during on-site simulation courses and procedural skills training. They can also be rented out by members of UCLA Health, UCLA DGSOM, or affiliated groups, pending approval by our staff. An Equipment Request form must be submitted for all equipment rentals.

Educators interested in reserving our low fidelity simulators may visit the Sim Request Portal and fill out the form with the necessary information about your planned session and the requested simulators.

Low fidelity simulators should be requested with as much notice as possible (at least 5 business days notice preferred) to ensure the availability of the equipment. Please allow us up to 5 business days to review and respond. We cannot guarantee that same day or short notice requests will be accommodated.

Submit Request for Low Fidelity Simulator

Sim Request Portal

  • Log in with your Mednet account using multi-factor authentication. For those outside the UCLA system, sign up for an account using the "Sign Up" link in the Request Portal.
  • Once logged in, select either "New Course Request" or "New Equipment Request" and fill out the form with the required details.
  • We recommend using Chrome web browser to access the request form, as other web browsers such as Safari, Firefox and Edge may give error messages.

Low Fidelity Simulator Equipment List

Full Sim Equipment List

UCLA Simulation Center Equipment List
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For groups outside of the UCLA Health system, please Contact Us for the full equipment list.