Clinical Nursing Simulation Training

The UCLA Simulation Center partners with the UCLA Center for Nursing Excellence to provide simulation-based training to nursing professionals within the UCLA Health System. Through the Nursing Simulation Education Program (NSEP), nurses receive simulation training at our Rosenfeld Hall facility, in addition to the Nursing Simulation Center at the Michigan Operations Center in Santa Monica.

Courses for Nurses

Training courses offered for nurses by the UCLA Simulation Center include:

  • Labor and Delivery In-Situ Sim
  • Pediatric Point-of-care Ultrasound Training
  • Neonatal Resuscitation Program Sim
  • Ambulatory Nursing Skills Training
  • OR Team Training Sim
  • CN CTICU Nursing Grad Skills Training

Resources for Nurses

If you are a nurse interested in exploring simulation training, reserving space in Rosenfeld Hall, conducting research that involves simulation, or becoming a simulation instructor, please reach out to us by email at

We allow limited equipment rentals of our low fidelity simulators, task trainers, virtual simulators, and clinical equipment to nurses. See our Resources page for more details.