Basic Life Support training during COVID pandemic

Courses at the UCLA Simulation Center

The UCLA Simulation Center supports a range of courses, from procedural skills training to complex scenario-based simulation sessions that mimic real life medical situations. Our expert instructors and simulation technology specialists immerse learners in training sessions that accurately depict realistic patient care scenarios, then guide them through a reflective debriefing process to provide valuable feedback and insights that help learners develop cognitive, behavioral and technical skills as healthcare providers. Through simulation, participants can refine their clinical skills, decision-making abilities, and teamwork in a risk-free environment.

Our Learners

A wide range of learners frequent the UCLA Simulation Center for experiential medical training, including medical students, nursing students, residents, fellows, faculty, other healthcare professionals and non-clinical support staff and administrators. Learners gain experience in a variety of fields, including emergency management, basic and advanced life support, ultrasound training, patient communication, diagnostic procedures, physical exams, leadership skills and more. We also run "in situ" simulations within the hospital and outpatient clinics, taking place in a real patient care setting to enhance the authenticity of the training for systems-based learning.

Our learners are primarily students and residents from UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine, School of Nursing and healthcare professionals from the UCLA Health system. Additionally, we offer continuing education and faculty development courses to professionals from other institutions, such as our MOCA Simulation, TeamSTEPPS Master Training, and Sim Instructor courses.