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About Our Standardized Patient (SP) Program

A Standardized Patient (SP) is a person who has been trained to portray the symptoms, personality traits, and other characteristics of a real patient, but in a way that is consistent with all other SPs portraying the same patient.

In their role as employees of the UCLA Simulation Center, SPs are used extensively in training medical students as well as nursing students, residents, clinical nurses, and even seasoned doctors.

Our SPs assume diverse roles, playing patients undergoing routine physical examinations as well as patients facing more complex medical situations including acute and chronic illnesses, life-threatening conditions, and end-of-life care. Learners engage with SPs in a variety of settings, under the guidance of experienced healthcare providers. This controlled environment allows learners to practice essential medical skills including clinical decision-making, empathy, rapport-building and other key components of effective patient communication. This leads to increased confidence and knowledge among the learners, thereby improving their ability to interact successfully with actual patients. This highly immersive learning experience is enriched by constructive debriefing and feedback from SPs, faculty and peers.


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Learn about auditioning to become a Standardized Patient at UCLA where you can make a meaningful contribution to the future of healthcare.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Standardized Patients and their important role in medical education at UCLA.