Frequently Asked Questions

What is healthcare simulation?

The SSH Healthcare Simulation Dictionary defines "Healthcare Simulation" as follows:

Healthcare Simulation

  • A technique that creates a situation or environment to allow persons to experience a representation of a real healthcare event for the purpose of practice, learning, evaluation, testing, or to gain understanding of systems or human actions.
  • The application of a simulation activity to training, assessment, research, or systems integration toward patient safety.

Healthcare simulation refers to the use of artificial environments, scenarios, and equipment to replicate real-world healthcare situations for the purposes of medical education and training. Simulation allows healthcare students and professionals to practice and hone their procedural skills, make critical decisions, and learn from mistakes in a safe and controlled setting, ultimately improving patient care.

Simulation involves the use of a number of different types of training modalities with varying levels of fidelity, or realism. Equipment used in simulation training includes computerized human patient manikins designed to replicate the physiology of real patients, task trainers designed to replicate specific body parts and medical procedures, virtual simulators that allow for immersive digital learning experiences, and the use of real clinical equipment such as portable ultrasound machines. We also draw from our talented pool of standardized patients (professional actors) for scenario-based simulations, physical exams, and procedural task training.

What is a Simulation Technology Specialist or "Sim Tech"?

Also known as a Simulation Operations Specialist, the SSH Healthcare Simulation Dictionary defines "Simulation Technology Specialist" as follows:

Simulation Technology Specialist

An individual who provides technological expertise, instructional support, and advocacy in healthcare simulation.

A Simulation Technology Specialist is a trained staff in medical simulation technology and operations. In addition to providing general technical support, the duties of a Sim Tech vary greatly and include manakin programming, prep and setup for simulation sessions, operating equipment during simulation, managing audiovisual tools, equipment repairs and maintenance, and educating instructors and learners on the use of these technologies.

Can anyone use the UCLA Simulation Center?

A wide range of learners frequent the UCLA Simulation Center for experiential medical training, including medical students, nursing students, residents, and clinical professionals. Our learners are primarily students from UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine and UCLA School of Nursing, as well as healthcare professionals from the UCLA Health system. Additionally, we offer courses to professionals from other health institutions, such as our TeamSTEPPS, MOCA, and Sim Instructor courses.

Members of the public interested in a tour of our simulation facility at Rosenfeld Hall may reach out via our Tour Request form.

How can I access the UCLA Simulation Center for simulation training?

Individuals within the UCLA Health System and UCLA DGSOM who are interested in requesting space and staff support for simulation training can visit our Sim Request Portal to submit a Course Request. Please provide all necessary required information on your planned course, as outlined in the following document:

Please note that simulation courses requiring the use of high fidelity simulators are subject to the availability of our Simulation Technology Specialists, who must be present on-site during sessions to operate the simulator. High fidelity simulation courses must be requested at least four weeks in advance of your planned course to allow adequate time for scheduling and coordinating staff availability. Please allow five days for us to review and respond to your request.

Individuals outside the UCLA Health System who are interested in requesting simulation training may reach out to us directly at, or by calling our offices at (310) 267-2114. Individuals interested in requesting a standardized patient should visit Requesting an SP for more information.

Can I borrow equipment from the UCLA Simulation Center?

The UCLA Simulation Center allows equipment rentals to individuals within the UCLA Health System and UCLA DGSOM for the purposes of medical education and self-guided learning. To request an equipment rental, visit our Sim Request Portal and fill out an Equipment Request with the required information for your planned rental. Equipment rental requests must be completed at least five days in advance of your planned rental. Please allow five days for us to review and respond to your request.

Individuals outside the UCLA Health System who are interested in requesting equipment rentals may email us at, or call our offices at (310) 267-2114.

How can I volunteer at the UCLA Simulation Center?

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer at the UCLA Simulation Center, please reach out to us directly at, or by calling our offices at (310) 267-2114. We are seeking undergraduate students and others with an interest in healthcare and technology to help with daily operations, conduct tours, support research projects, and more.

How can I become an instructor for the UCLA Simulation Center?

If you are interested in becoming a simulation instructor for the UCLA Simulation Center, please visit our Sim Instructor Course page for more information on the next scheduled Sim Instructor Course at UCLA.

The UCLA Simulation Instructor Training course is a two day course for those who would like to learn more about teaching with scenario-based simulation. The course objectives are to explore the key elements/theories behind simulation-based education and instruction, practice effective debriefing techniques, and develop and pilot a full simulation scenario. This course emphasizes the role of the simulation instructor as a facilitator and does not focus on technical aspects such as software programming or simulator troubleshooting.

The Simulation Instructor Course is open to healthcare professionals in the UCLA Health System, as well as outside health institutions.

Please email or call us at (310) 267-2114 for course fee and registration information.