Requesting a Standardized Patient

Our SPs may be requested by members of UCLA Health, DGSOM, School of Nursing and affiliated institutions for the purposes of medical education, to act as patients, family members or healthcare providers in scenario-based simulation sessions, or as human models for procedural skills training such as point-of-care-ultrasound practice.


Pay rates are described on the SP Request Form and it is the responsibility of the requesting program/department to reimburse the UCLA Simulation Center (via a recharge or similar) for all monies owed to the SPs as a result of the request, unless the request is for services that are already included in the Sim Center budget.

Submit Request for a Standardized Patient

Sim Request Portal

  • Log in with your Mednet account using multi-factor authentication. For those outside the UCLA system, sign up for an account using the "Sign Up" link in the Request Portal.
  • Once logged in, select "New SP Request" and fill out the form with the required details.
  • We recommend using Chrome web browser to access the request form, as other web browsers such as Safari, Firefox and Edge may give error messages.

Process for Requesting an SP

The process of requesting a Standardized Patient is as follows:

  • Plan Your SP Simulation Session: Before requesting an SP, it's essential to have a clear plan for your simulation session. Consider the learning objectives, scenarios, and skills on which you'd like to focus.

  • Contact the UCLA SP Program: Complete an SP Request to request a Standardized Patient for use in medical training and simulation. If you have questions before completing the form, reach out to us at

  • Matching and Confirmation: Based on the details you provide, we will work to identify an SP whose experience and characteristics best align with your session's goals. If we are able to find a suitable match, we'll confirm the reservation and provide you with the SP's details. On the chance that we are unable to meet your specific needs, we will reach to you to describe any changes (event dates, SP demographics, etc.) that would improve the likelihood we could fill your request.

  • Pre-session Preparation: If this is scenario-based training, SPs must be paid time to learn the script/scenario, usually 1 to 3 hours.  Additionally, you may wish to train them in advance (usually via Zoom) for which they must also be paid. Alternatively, for simple scenarios, you may wish to have them show up early on the day of the performance for performance guidance/instruction.

  • Conducting the Session: On the day of the session, our SP will arrive promptly and prepared to portray the designated patient role or will be prepared to receive any final training from you or your designees prior to performance. You can focus on facilitating the simulation, knowing that the SP is committed to providing an authentic learning experience.

  • Feedback and Evaluation: After the session, we encourage you to collect feedback from both the learners and the SP. This valuable input helps refine future sessions and ensures continuous improvement.