Many medical students and physicians remember their pathology course in medical school but are not sure what a practicing pathologist actually does. Our purpose is to expand awareness and interest among students about the field of pathology as well as gain exposure to what a career in pathology entails.

This organization also encourages students to consider pathology as a career and allows interested students to make contacts with faculty and residents. It is the goal of this group to increase awareness, increase interest in the field, and provide a structured forum to gain information about pathology as a career choice. In addition, we plan to hold workshops on microscopy, grossing pathological specimens, and shadowing opportunities with current UCLA pathology residents and attendings. Also, we plan to have review sessions on histology and pathology pertinent to Step 1 or Block materials to benefit not only those interested in pathology as a specialty by as a service to all medical students reviewing for upcoming exams and Board evaluations.

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