As defined by the Emergency Medicine Residents' Association, disaster medicine "provides care for the victims of natural and man-made disasters with specific consideration given to timeliness and availability of resources”.

  • The topic of disaster medicine is especially relevant to the world today, as COVID-19 has emphasized the difficulties of low-resource medicine in the context of a biological disaster.
  • However, the application of disaster medicine is far from limited to COVID-19. As increasingly intense natural disasters occur due to climate change, and events like mass-casualty shootings continue to affect society's health, the principles of disaster medicine are important for our future physicians to learn.
  • This year has also shed light on the importance of physicians in government leadership in both times of disaster and normalcy, as to bolster our future public health response capacity.
  • The DMIG aims to address the above statements by introducing DGSOM's students to techniques of disaster medicine from both the clinical and political leadership standpoints.

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