The goal of the Cardiology Interest Group is to expose future physicians to the excitement of different fields within cardiology at an early stage in training. To do so, we will organize lunchtime meetings during which leaders in their field have an opportunity to speak to first and second-year medical students about their work and the current trends in the field of cardiology. Students benefit by getting early exposure to cardiology, plus the privilege to hear some wonderful doctors whom they would not otherwise come in contact with so early in their training. We will also provide shadowing opportunities, enabling students to get hands-on experience with cardiology patients. Lastly, the Cardiology Interest Group will provide opportunities for medical students to get to know cardiology fellows and attendings through social events and mixers, thus creating a collegial atmosphere to foster interest in cardiology. We hope this group will spark interest in pursuing a career path in one of the cardiology specialties to balance the growing need for cardiologists both in the clinical and research realms.

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