Black Men In White Coats seeks to to increase the Number of black men in the field of medicine by exposure, inspiration, and mentoring. To accomplish this, we are partnering with various medical schools across the country to bring awareness to this issue that not only affects the black male population, but also the nation as a whole. To increase awareness of minority students in the field of medicine by recruiting, advising, and providing guidance To establish, maintain, and promote healthy cohesive communications between students, faculty, and health professionals To increase knowledge of health information amongst members and the general public To increase networking opportunities amongst members through community health opportunities and mentoring To create a healthy and supportive social environment for black men at DGSOM To periodically review the constitution and institutional values and reevaluate them in accordance to the needs of the organization To willingly abide by all DGSOM policies and guidelines relating to on and off campus activities which our club may sponsor or in which we may participate.

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