The Natural Experiments for Translation in Diabetes 3.0 (NEXT-D3) Network is a 5-year research collaboration involving six academic centers.  NEXT-D3 sites are using rigorous quasi-experimental study designs to evaluate the impacts of naturally-occurring policies and practice changes, with a focus on diabetes-related outcomes. Some NEXT-D3 projects will address whether and to what extent different Federal or state legislative policies, or health plan innovations in billing design or care coordination, are able to reduce the burden of incident diabetes and diabetes-related complications in the United States.

Other NEXT-D3 projects will examine the real-world effectiveness of interventions reducing barriers to medication access in diabetes care, including decreased or eliminated copayments for cardiometabolic medications or streamlined access to new medications such as SGLT-2 inhibitors for Medicaid patients.  Key NEXT-D3 goals include: 1) constructing an optimal multi-sectoral approach to diabetes care and prevention guided by key organizations or entities that might be motivated to act on the research findings, and 2) addressing health equity goals to reduce disparities in diabetes-related risk factors, type 2 diabetes, and diabetes complications.   

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