Simulation Instructor with Medical Student
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The UCLA Simulation Instructor Training course is a two day course for those who would like to learn more about teaching with high fidelity scenario-based simulation. The course objectives are to explore the key elements/theories behind simulation-based education and instruction, practice effective debriefing techniques, and develop and pilot a full simulation scenario. This course emphasizes the role of the simulation instructor as a facilitator and does not focus on technical aspects such as software programming or simulator troubleshooting.

The Simulation Instructor Course is open to faculty and healthcare professionals in DGSOM and the UCLA Health System, as well as those from outside health institutions.

Please email or call us at (310) 267-2114 for course information.

Agenda Overview

Day 1 (8am - 4pm)

  • Breakfast/Introductions
  • Team scenario and debriefing
  • Educational theories / cognitive errors
  • Lunch
  • Debriefing principles and practice
  • Scenario development overview

Day 2 (8am - 4pm)

  • Breakfast/Tech Talk (contingency planning)
  • Scenario development in groups
  • Lunch/Scenario programming
  • Pilot and debrief scenario 1
  • Pilot and debrief scenario 2
  • Faculty development resources/Q&A
  • Wrap up and feedback